Office365 blocking mails from /

For those SpamTitan Cloud customers using cloud11/ as their MX record, Office365/ were blocking emails from ( between about 12:30 AM GMT and 2:30 PM GMT.  

Priority 1


4 Mar, 2023: 14:45 GMT/09:45 ET US
We submitted the delist, and it was immediately accepted:

DNS/ shows the IP address removed from SpamHaus (SpamHaus/ check)

Office365 was still blocking , and referencing spamhaus at this time.  We have already configured to not accept any mail, so it will flow though cloudw/ (which are not blocked) 

04 Mar, 2023 15:45 GMT/10:45 ET US

We confirmed Office365 and SpamHaus was not blocking anymore, and had already opened up SMTP Port 25 to

Further Information:

You may see rejected/bounced emails as:

1) Delivery Status = Bounced, or

2) Invalid Recipient (If using Dynamic Recipient Verification, Office365 was rejecting the RCPT TO probes).