The Marketing Email Classification toggle is designed to enhance email security by automatically identifying and categorizing marketing emails as spam. When enabled, this feature analyzes incoming marketing emails and applies specific rules to determine whether they should be classified as spam.

What are the Benefits?

  • Improved Security: By automatically blocking suspicious marketing emails, the feature reduces the risk of users interacting with malicious content.

  • Time Savings: Users no longer need to manually sift through marketing emails; the feature handles classification and helps maintain a clean inbox.

  • User Experience Enhancement: Preventing grey-mail marketing from cluttering inboxes improves the overall user experience.

  • Configurability: Organizations can tailor the feature to their unique requirements.

What Types of Marketing Emails are Blocked?

  • Bulk Marketing Emails: These are large-scale promotional emails sent to a wide audience. They often contain repetitive content, excessive links, or attachments.

  • Phishing Attempts Disguised as Marketing Emails: Some cybercriminals use marketing-themed emails to deceive recipients into revealing sensitive information (for example, login credentials, credit card details). The feature identifies such phishing attempts.

  • Grey-Mail Marketing: While not explicitly spam, grey-mail marketing includes newsletters, promotional offers, and subscription updates that users may find cluttering their inbox. The feature allows users to classify these as spam if desired.

How Does it Work?

When you're setting up spam filtering, you'll see an option to Classify marketing emails as spam. Since marketing emails are automatically given a spam score of 7.01, you'll need to do the following to ensure marketing emails are classified as spam:

  1. In the Mark as Spam when score is greater than field, ensure the number you enter is less than 7.01.

  2. Select Quarantined from the Spam should be dropdown menu.

  3. Select the Classify marketing emails as spam checkbox.