Go to the History tab in the side-bar menu to view mail for your domain(s) that has been processed by SpamTitan.

  • Enter a Date From and Date To to view history for a specific date range. You can also enter a Recipient (To) and/or a Sender (From). Select Apply to view your search results.

  • Click the Refresh button to refresh the history list.

  • Select Advanced Search to expand the search options:

  • Select the column  icon to display the history table column names. Slide each on and off to view or hide a column.

  • Select an email to view further information for that email.

History shows the following information about each email:

  • Date: Date and time the email was received.

  • Client Address: The source IP address a mail was received from.

  • From: Sender's email address.

  • To: Recipient's email address.

  • Message Type: The type of email, as classified by SpamTitan. For example, Clean, Virus, Banned, Spam and so on.

  • Subject: Subject header of the email.

  • Delivery Status: Indicates the delivery status of a message. This can be Sent, Deferred or Bounced.

  • Message ID: A unique internal message identification number that SpamTitan assigns to each email (also known as SpamTitan ID).

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