Go to Settings > Administrators to view and manage SpamTitan administrators.

  • Use the search box to search the list of administrators.

  • Select the column icon to display the table column names. Slide each on and off to view or hide a column.

  • To delete an administrator, select the box beside the administrator (or administrators) and select Delete.

The following information is available for each administrator:

  • First Name: Administrator's first name.

  • Last Name: Administrator's last name.

  • Email: Email address for administrator.

Editing Administrator Details

Select an administrator to view the Admin Details page, where you can edit the name and email.

Add an Administrator

  1. Go to Settings > Administrators and select and the Add Administrator window displays.

  2. Enter details for this administrator:

    • First Name: Enter the first name of this administrator.

    • Last Name: Enter the last name of this administrator.

    • Email: Enter an email address for this administrator.

    • Link Lock Admin: Select YES to allow this administrator to enable and manage Link Lock. See Link Lock Admin.


      Link Lock is an enhancement to SpamTitan and is available after the purchase of a SpamTitan Plus license.

    • Password: Enter a password for this administrator.

    • Confirm Password: Confirm the password.

  3. Select Add.

This article relates to SpamTitan Skellig.