Creating a MIME Type Filter

  1. Go to Filtering > Attachments and select the Mime Type Filters tab.

  2. Select Create and the Create A Mime Type Filter window displays.

    • Mime Type: Enter a Mime type. Mime Type is the file type that is reported in the MIME Content-Disposition and Content-Type headers. Both are recorded in their raw (encoded) form and rfc2047-decoded form, if applicable. It consists of a general type and a specific type indicator. For example image/png, video/avi or text/html.

    • Inbound action: Select the action to take on inbound emails that match this filter:

      • Allow: Allow the email.

      • Block: Block the email.


        The domain or user policy determines if the message is quarantined. Go to Policies > Domain Policy or User Policies.

      • Ignore: Take no action.

    • Comments (optional): Enter optional comments about this extension filter.

  3. Select Create or save this extension filter or Cancel to discard changes.

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