How do I check my OS and SpamTitan version? 

  OS:  Your OS is listed in the System Overview section of the SpamTitan dashboard. 


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Version:  Your SpamTitan Version number is displayed in the top right corner of the SpamTitan homepage.


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Note:  SpamTitan Cloud servers have already been patched to address the ClamAV Vulnerability.


How do I upgrade to SpamTitan v7.13

  1. First review the guidelines for updating SpamTitan   
  2. Then navigate to System Setup > System Updates to manage updates in SpamTitan. See System Update Settings for more information.  

==> if the OS is 10.1 or higher, this will fix the ClamAV Vulnerability.  

How do I install the latest OS (if your OS is 8.2 or 9.1)? 

- Download and install our latest SpamTitan ISO 

  1. Download Link 
  2. Please see tutorial video here for more details on completing this step.  
  3. The hotfix for the ClamAV vulnerability will be auto installed when the new ISO is up and running.   


- Export backup from your old system (Settings > Backup > Export Backupthen import the *.tar.bz2 file exported into the new server using Settings > Backup > Import Backup (click Choose File to select the .tar.bz2 file, then click Start)  

Note: The SpamTitan backup does not contain history, quarantine, backup schedule and settings, server hostname, time zone settings or remote syslog settings. Backups will only export and import if both servers are running the same software version 7.13.   


Our Support Team are available to advise should you have any issues completing these updates. You can contact the Support Team via the Helpdesk Portal here.