Select Quarantine in the sidebar menu to view, search and manage emails that are in quarantine.

When evaluating email for spam, SpamTitan applies hundreds of rules to arrive at an overall spam score for each email. By default, the spam score is 5.

Email scoring above the specified spam score is considered spam and is quarantined by default. Email that scores below the spam score is considered legitimate and forwarded to the recipient.

To change the spam score setting for a domain or user, or to change the default action for email that scores above the specified spam scores, go to Policies > Domain Policies or User Policies.

The following actions can be performed:

  • Search your quarantined email. See Searching Quarantine.

  • Select an email in quarantine to view the Details for that email. See Managing Quarantined Email.

  • Delete an email by selecting the checkbox beside the email and selecting Delete. Multiple emails can be deleted together by selecting multiple emails and selecting Delete.

    If a message is deleted from quarantine that message will not appear in the associated users’ quarantine, or in their quarantine report.

This article relates to SpamTitan Skellig.