What is the issue?

The subject of an inbound email is Passed Unchecked — similar to the Type field in Reporting > History. (It shows as Passed UNCHECKED-ENCRYPTED in the server's mail logs).

What causes the issue?

Passed Unchecked means that the email has a password-protected attachment that is not scannable by SpamTitan's antivirus engines.

What is the solution?

The settings that determine what SpamTitan does with an encrypted attachment are in Content Filtering > Attachments Password Protected Archives. You can specify to allow, block or ignore password-protected archives. If you allow password-protected archives, you can prepend the email subject line with a tag, for example, **UNCHECKED** (default). However, the subject line is only modified if the recipient is local.

Follow the steps below to manage your Password-Protected Archives settings.

  1. Go to Content Filtering > Attachments > Password Protected Archives.

  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the entry.

  3. For inbound and outbound, select Allow, Block or Ignore.

  4. In Modify Subject you can enter a tag to prepend to the subject. Leave this field empty to leave the subject unmodified.

  5. Click Save and then Apply at the end of the page to save your changes.

Further Info

See Attachment Filtering Methods.