SpamTitan Gateway can use SSL certificates for:

  • HTTPS: to ensure that all HTTP traffic to and from the SpamTitan Gateway UI is encrypted.

    • Go to HTTPS > Access/Authentication > Settings to select a certificate for HTTPS.

  • TLS: to encrypt inbound email traffic.

    • Go to Settings > TLS to select a certificate for TLS.

SpamTitan uses .pem format certificates. Certificates can be converted from one format to another using the open-source utility OpenSSL to perform the conversion, or an online conversion service, such as SSL Converter (TitanHQ are not endorsing this site, it is just being used as an example).

SSL certificates are linked to a specific hostname or domain, for example, or * To avoid issues, ensure your certificate matches your server name or domain.

There are two types of certificates you can use:

  1. Trusted certificates: These are signed by a trusted certificate signing authority. This type of certificate can be used for encryption and also tells your customers that the server information has been verified by a trusted source.

  2. Private (self-signed) certificates: A self-signed certificate can be used for encryption, but can not be used to verify server information.

See Generating Certificate Signing Requests for information on creating and importing certificates.