There are three methods to secure connection to SpamTitan's support server.
- If on version 5.x of SpamTitan, on the dashboard, click establish secure connection to SpamTitan support


You can append opentunnel.php to the IP of SpamTitan in your browser e.g. where is the IP of SpamTitan and you should be assigned a 5 digit port number. Please email that back to us.


Log in on the command line as user 'admin' and password 'hiadmin'. If you have changed the 'admin' password, please use that.
A menu will appear.
Select option 2 'Network Diagnostics'
Another menus will appear
Select option 7 'Establish Secure Connection to SpamTitan Support'
A port number will appear.
Please email that number to the helpdesk.

*Or alternatively, instead of opening a support port*

Provide direct inbound ssh.  This involves forwarding a port on your firewall to port 22 on your SpamTitan server.  If you contact our support team they can provide you with our IP address so you can restrict access.