The latest version (currently 3.2) of the Outlook Add-in can be installed from the following link.

To install, double-click on the SpamTitan Outlook Add-in MSI installer. 

You will be directed to a screen looking for the hostname or IP address of your SpamTitan Server and the port for access (default is 80). Please enter only the hostname or IP, without "http://" or "https://". If you have SSL encryption enabled on your SpamTitan, you can use port 443.

After confirming the location you would like to install the add-in to, click Next and the installation process will begin. 

Once the installation is complete, you can click finish to end the process. If you then open Microsoft Outlook, and open the Add-Ins tab, you will see the SpamTitan Outlook Add-in ribbon which allows you to Whitelist and Blacklist senders, as well as mark mails as Spam and Ham. You can update the User Login details under Options and configure the IP that it connects to for your SpamTitan Server. 

Problems installing the Outlook Addin? 

On occasion, there can be issues installing the Outlook add-in. 
Some symptoms include:
- The installation process successfully completing.
- The add-in is listed correctly in the list of Installed Programs.
- The add-in does not appear in Outlook, or in the list of available add-ins in outlook.

In recent times, we have seen this to be an issue where the registry entry has been prevented during install in some environments. The fix for this is actually quite simple.
Along with the Outlook Add-in, we can see the st.reg registry key attached to this article. Simply Download this, add it to your registry by double clicking on it, and after restarting outlook you should now see the add-in available to Outlook.