A file system check can repair a wide variety of disk related problems.  In particular, if your server was shutdown incorrectly and will not boot, or your server is rebooting constantly, this procedure should help.

You will need to have access to the server console to carry out this procedure

  1. Power down the server
  2. Power on the server and when you see the text "BTX Loader 1.0.0" press space repeatedly
  3. The boot process will stop at a OK prompt
  4. Type "boot -s" and press return
  5. The boot process will stop again saying "Enter full pathname of shell or RETURN for /bin/sh:". Press return
  6. type "/sbin/fsck -y" and press return. This will start a disk check using the Journal.
  7. When the disk check completes type "/sbin/fsck -y" again to start a disk check without using the Journal.
  8. When the disk check completes type "exit" and press return. The server will then boot in to multi-user mode and is ready to use.