You can use SNMP to monitor a variety of system states. Here is a list of common object ID's

To configure SNMP, browse to Settings -> SNMP

  1. click the Enable button.
  2. Enter the System Name. This could be for instance the hostname of the SpamTitan appliance.
  3. In the System Contact field, type in the name and/or email address of the network administrator for the SpamTitan appliance.
  4. The System Location field may contain addition information such as the physical location of the appliance, an email address or pager number.
  5. Create a name for a group or community of administrators who can view SNMP data, and enter it in the Community Name field. You should use a community string which is used/known only at your site.
  6. To restrict access further, enter the hostname, IP address, or cidr address of those systems/networks that are allowed perform SNMP queries. Typically this will just be the IP address of your SNMP Management station. If no hostnames/addresses are specified then any system that provides the correct commmunity string may request the SNMP data.

 SpamTitan supports most SNMP v1/v2c and relevant Management Information Base II (MIBII) groups which can provide a variety of information about your SpamTitan appliance. In addition the following OIDs provide information on the size of the mail queues:

  • . - Active Queue
  • . - Incoming Queue
  • . - Deferred Queue
  • . - Corrupt Queue
  • . - Hold Queue