The following replication information for SpamTitan 7.04 and later:

System Setup
    Network                    No
    Time                       No
    Mail Relay
        Domains                Yes
        IP Controls
            RBL                Yes
            White/Blacklist    Yes
        Sender Controls        No
            Outbound Relay     No
            Trusted Networks   (Optional -- configure in Cluster tab)
            Smarthost          Yes
            SASL Auth          Yes
            Hide Internal IP   Yes
            TLS                Yes
        General Settings       No
        SMTP Controls
            Reject HELO Hostname Restrictions  No
            Allowed HELO Hostname Restrictions No
            Everything else                    Yes
        Rate Controls
            Rate Control SMTP Client Exception No
            Everything else                    Yes
    System Updates             Yes
    Content Filtering
        Viruses                Yes
        Spam                   Yes
        File Extensions        Yes
    Anti-Spam Engine           Yes
        Interface Settings     Yes
        SSL                    No
        TLS                    No
        Access/Authentication  (Optional -- configure in Cluster tab for Web Access, Web Authentication, and API Allowed Hosts)
        Backup                 No
        Notification Templates Yes
        Remote Syslog          No
        Outbound Disclaimers   Yes
        SNMP                   No
    Filter Rules               Yes
    Quarantine                 Yes